A Transformative Iceland Bridal

“She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water.”- Roman Payne 

We wanted to honor the intimacy of moments surrounding life changing special events, their introspective qualities, and the complex sense of inner voyage that occurs within one’s soul. This story is about a quiet morning wandering the serene landscape amidst moments of reflection. She immerses herself in her thoughts and her writing while contemplating new roles in life and the future as two become one. The presence of water brings a sense of transformative calm. 

We chose a palette of deep hues and delicate texture inspired by the misty microclimate and prismatic shapes in the landscape found in Iceland. Inky tones of navy and black are paired with soft layers of her skirt and the intricate gold texture of her bodice. Her hair is windswept and her cheeks rosy. With starry eyes she looks to the expansive vistas surrounding her.



Photography – Archetype Studio - Koby Brown

Model – Oda Østenstad Fjell  

Creative Direction, & Styling – Lauren Field Design

Makeup -- Elín Erna Stefánsdóttir   

Calligraphy— Carolyn Jane

Paper— Signora Mare, Silk and Willow, Share Studios

Gown— Gilda  & Pearl

Journal— Blue Sky Papers

Hair Clips & Earrings— Hushed Commotion

Hair Crown— Tessa Kim

Film Lab— Richard Photo Lab