Lauren and Elaine have been a design dynamic duo since 2013. While collaborating with clients as interior designers, a friendship was created. Combining respective design careers between the two of them and passion for beautifully designed spaces set the foundation for something pretty meaningful.  

Lauren’s eye for creativity and adventure combined with Elaine’s fierce dedication and uniqueness, results in a playful and chic styling aesthetic. Their inspiration is driven by beautiful typography, interiors, textiles and exploration.  Good design is effortless and should always be a reflection of you.

With life adventures putting a couple states and miles (827 to be exact) in between them, Lauren and Elaine’s design is a long distance collaboration (but we make it work). They serve both the Austin & St. Louis metro areas daily, but travel across the globe to serve clients.


Lauren’s Bio

(The blonde ;)

From Elaine:

“I am amazed and inspired by Lauren’s drive and passion. She creates things no one has ever seen before and it is refreshing. She is a true innovator.”


A designer. A schemer. A dreamer.

Lauren comes from a long lineage of creative “makers” that fabricate with their hands through many mediums. She was formally trained as an architect, but her eye for creativity and design has always exceeded those boundaries. At the heart of good architecture is a desire for creating and imagining, for inventing moments of adventure and revealing them through light and texture and color. Lauren views the world through this lens and sees the design of books, typography, paper, flowers, interiors, events, and all things as no different. 

She is hoping to create the essence of these amidst daily life with meaningful inspiration. Lauren's personal design sense lends itself to a combination of unexpected layers expressed in an eclectic and chic way.

Lauren resides in Austin with her husband Peter and their two spoiled fur babies ;). You can find her at barre3 or a spin class every week. She has a garden out back, drinks two shots of espresso everyday, and wakes up at 5am without an alarm clock. She loves museums, doing anything outdoors, and will most likely serve you a cheeseboard if you're ever in her neighborhood.


Elaine’s Bio

(The brunette ;)

Elaine currently resides in St. Louis MO with her fiance Dan and their rescue cat Clark. In addition to binge watching reality television, designing & styling is Elaine’s release from day to day tasks. Without a creative outlet she would be completely lost! Being able to create your own story from textures, colors, and forms is the most self rewarding thing about her job.

From Lauren:

“Elaine is the absolute best collaborator and is always bringing fresh ideas to the table. Her imagination has no bounds and she is one of the most extraordinary people I know”