Lauren Field

A designer. A schemer. A dreamer.

Lauren comes from a long lineage of creative “makers” that fabricate with their hands through many mediums. She was formally trained as an architect, but her eye for creativity and design has always exceeded those boundaries. At the heart of good architecture is a desire for creating and imagining, for inventing moments of adventure and revealing them through light and texture and color. Lauren views the world through this lens and sees the design of books, typography, paper, flowers, interiors, events, and all things as no different. 

For as long as she can remember, Lauren has had an affinity for small delightful details found in anything from handmade paper to intriguing architectural spaces.  In lieu of these interests, offering creative design solutions for everyday enjoyment is what she does best. Lauren prefers to spend her creative energies styling, ideas, projects, events, wardrobes and spaces into unique experiences. She is hoping to create the essence of these amidst daily life with meaningful inspiration. Lauren's personal design sense lends itself to a combination of unexpected layers expressed in a playful and chic way.


Elaine Freund

Design should appear effortless & reflect you.

A career in Interior Design seemed almost a natural fit for Elaine, as she enjoys creating and developing interior spaces that reflect a personality. With a Fine Arts Interior Design degree  and fashion merchandising education she takes pride in her ability to transform the unknown by bringing ideas and inspiration to life.

When Elaine is designing she is inspired by color, texture, movement, & emotional investment. Working alongside other great St. Louis design women have taught her to delight, inspire & challenge life. The best part about designing a space, arranging a tabletop, or creating a do-it-yourself, it allows you to explore new places & evolve your aesthetic to include everything in between.