1. First, cut a piece of yarn that will end up being the length of the tie on string once the tassel is finished, set this aside for step 2. We chose the length of 18" because these tassels were going to be tied to the back of chairs.

In order to have the strands of the tassel come out to be the same length, wrap the yarn around a hard surface. We chose an 8"x10" box, but any size can be chosen based on how long you want the tassels to be. We wrapped ours around 20 times or so. This makes our final result have 40 strands. Adjust based on the thickness of yarn being used.


2. After the yarn is wrapped around the box, loop the tie on piece from step one under all the strands wrapped around the box. Tie a knot twice at the end of the tie on piece. The length left over will be the final size of the tie on piece.


3. Once the knot is secured, flip the box over and cut all the strands in the center of the box (to maintain somewhat equal strands).

4. Fold the strands in half at the center knot.

5. Cut a piece of yarn between 10 and 12 inches.  This piece will be tied around the strands a couple of inches below the top of the tassel. We wrapped ours around 5 times to create a thick band then secured it with one last knot.


6. Prepare dye to manufacturer's instructions and put in a glass container if possible (plastic tends to stain). We chose to dip die the ends for an ombre effect. We allowed the tassels to soak in the dye overnight. The tassels take a while to dry, so plan accordingly.