“Nature always wears the colors of the spirit.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

 We wanted to celebrate ones native connection to the landscape, it’s delightful introspective qualities, and the inherent sense of calm it brings to new beginnings. The glimmer of late afternoon light amongst the gently rolling hills embodies a feminine romantic aura that invites a contemplative stillness. The bride wanders the wild pastures and cherishes her upcoming nuptials.

We chose a palette of neutral hues and soft accents of orange, mauve, and chartreuse inspired by the golden hour sunset and the wild texture in the surrounding landscape. Delicate shapes and mixed metals are paired with organic lines to emulate the wonder of the hills. Modern yet elegant accents adorn her silky ensemble and windswept hair. The sun sets over the hills and captures all her radiance.


Photography: Kayla Snell Photography - Design & Styling: Lauren Field Design - Florals: Sprout Floral Design - Model: Sarah Creel Calligraphy: Jesilyn Kay Calligraphy - Jewelry: Mingle Jewelry - Ribbon: Silk & Willow - Jumpsuit: Solace London - Boudoir Robe: Flora Nikrooz - Moon Chime: Mudpuppy Ceramic Studio - Hair & Makeup: Lip Service XO - Venue: Green Acres